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The Good, the Bad, and the Godawful – 21st Century Movie Reviews by Kurt Loder

The Good, the Bad, and the God-awful


The former Rolling Stone writer and MTV host takes off from classic Roger Ebert and sails boldly into the new millennium with The Good, The Bad, and the God-awful – 21st Century Movie Reviews.

Millions grew up reading the author’s record reviews and watching him on MTV’s “The Week in Rock.” In this collection of more than 200 movie reviews from and, more recently, the Reason magazine Website, plus sidebars exclusive to this volume, Loder demonstrates his characteristic wry voice and finely honed observations. The author shines when writing on the best that Hollywood and indie filmmakers have to offer, and his negative reviews are sometimes more fun than his raves. This freewheeling survey of the wild, the wonderful and the altogether otherwise is an indispensable book for any film buff.

“If you love movies—even the bad ones—do yourself a favor and run to the nearest bookstore and buy this book. Keep it on your bedside table and I promise, you’ll be a better person for it.”—Tucson Citizen

“Kurt Loder is an alien from outer space brought here to review movies. Enjoy his gift before we dissect him for research.”—Sarah Silverman

“Every sentence [is] a witty, take-no-prisoners surprise.”—Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

“Reading this book is like sitting next to Kurt at the movies…only you get to laugh as loud as you want!”—Chris Connelly, ABC News contributing correspondent and former editor, Premiere Magazine

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