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Ruckus Media Introduces New Reader App for Kids

By Rebeca Schiller

With more and more children using mobile devices to read and play games, children’s multimedia developer Ruckus Media is re-releasing its Ruckus Reader app for Apple mobile devices

The new app, which Ruckus CEO Rick Richter and chief content officer Jason Root, Richter called “a new superstore,” is comparable to the Comixology app, a digital comics app that also includes a digital distribution channel and a retail marketplace as well as digital comics reading software.

The Ruckus Reader app will include 100 interactive titles, read-along digital books and videos. In addition, it will offer publishers a combination distribution channel, marketplace and reading software.

In an interview with Publisher’s Weekly, Richter said that  Ruckus Media app  is “a very user-friendly one-stop shop for e-books or anything that can be [distributed] digitally for kids.” Ruckus has signed about 1,000 pieces of new digital content, and will l release one free title each week along with new for-pay content.

All content is downloadable and lives on the device for instant access so there’s no need for a wifi hotspot. Content includes The Transformers, My Little Pony and Crayola; narrated readalong e-books include Curious George, Toot & Puddle and The Polar Express and digital content from Nickelodeon; short films and videos from VeggieTales and The Wiggles and music videos from Laurie Berkner.

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