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Naked Writer Project: Fantasy Author Uses Google Docs To Write Novel Live

by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

As more and more writers discover the usefulness of Google Docs it was bound to happen. Silvia Hartmann is only the first, she claims. [Note: Galley Cat and other sites dispute the claim.]

A German born author of 32 works, including several fantasy novels, Hartmann is the developer and primary designer of Energy Hypnosis, Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols, The Harmony Program, EmoTrance, Events Psychology, researcher, author and international lecturer. Working under the pen name Nick StarFields, which she uses primarily for her fiction, she’s now putting her strong background in  in applied behavior, General Semantics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming and over 30 years practical experience in trainings design to use in her own laboratory with her as the rat.

She started writing her new novel on Google Docs, and she’s invited readers to watch and comment allowing fans comment and make suggestions as she progresses.  Whether the novel winds up being your cup of tea or not, her opening sentence sure gets your attention: “It was not every day that Mrs Delhany found a naked man in the driveway.”

“I’ve never done this before. I do have faith that if something fits in with my vision and potentially enhances it further, it will definitely be taken on board. I am going to trust my instincts and go with what I feel is right, all the way through,” she says. “For example, if I have a character and I love him, and all the readers hate him, I’ll probably stick with him. He might be redeemed further down the line, who’s to say?”

A scientist who has spent her life finding practical answers to humanity’s oldest questions and logical solutions to the challenges that arise from being a conscious human in the inexplicable bounty of the Universe, she has produced a workable definition of emotions, a revolutionary and practical way to work with the human body’s energy system, a new magic system and decoded the language of metaphor.

Her fantasy novels include the In Serein trilogy from Dragon Rising Press and Vampire Soltice.

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Bryan Thomas Schmidt is an author and editor of adult and children’s science fiction, fantasy and humor books, short stories and articles. A frequent contributor to blogs like SFSignal, Adventures In SF Publishing, Grasping For The Wind and To Be Read, he also hosts Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat under the hashtag #sffwrtcht on Twitter and blogs about writing and creativity on his own blog at Connect With Bryan On Google+

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