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Fabrik, Android eBook Reader App, Brings Dropbox Based Reading Capabilities

by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

Whether you’re an Android user or not, talk of Android apps may seem inundating these days. Smart Phones have definitely trended for many reasons. And one of them is versatility. From basics like texting and calling to taking and sending pictures, mp3 playing capabilities, web browsing and email on the go and now reading on your phone. For some, the small screens may make it seem impractical, but, especially for younger generations, the all-in-one functionality of Smart Phones is the thing, a form of empowerment.

Of course, the two biggest reading apps for most platforms, including Android remain the Amazon Kindle app and the Nook App by Barnes and Noble. Huge apps, they focus as much or more about buying books than just accessing the ones you already have. But now there’s an app for those who aren’t looking to expand their library but catch up on what they already have.

The Fabrik Reader, developed by XDA Forum Member eirikrwu, gives you more access to your own txt, epub, and mobi books without a lot of common extras. But you can pull books directly from your Dropbox account so you don’t have to store them all on your device. And, of course, it’s free to download.

Those who have already discovered the app seem to like it a lot and are already requesting added features and functionality.  For more on Fabrik Reader, check out the developer’s website:

Bryan Thomas Schmidt is an author and editor of adult and children’s science fiction, fantasy and humor books, short stories and articles. A frequent contributor to blogs like SFSignal, Adventures In SF Publishing, Grasping For The Wind and To Be Read, he also hosts Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat under the hashtag #sffwrtcht on Twitter and blogs about writing and creativity on his own blog at Connect With Bryan On Google+

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