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Dean Koontz is Writing a Novel He Literally Dreamed Up

In July, Dean Konntz’s latest novel ODD APOCALYPSE will be published.

In an interview with iO9, Koontz talked about the unique genesis of the novel that he’s currently writing.

“I’m working on a thing that I can’t talk about the idea, because it’s so unusual. People always ask you in a book signing, “I bet you get a lot of good ideas from dreams. And over the years, I’ve said “No, I’ve never ever gotten an idea from a dream.” And then here now about three weeks ago, I suddenly sat straight up in bed out of a dream. And in the dream, I will not say who, but I was having lunch with a famous dead author, and he was talking about his new book that was out, and how successful it was, and I was telling him how much I liked the book. And we were talking about the book at lunch, and it was a very vivid dream and as we were talking about the book, I would see scenes of it in my head. And I woke up, sat straight up in bed, and said, “I’ve got a whole novel in my head.”

I’ve sort of, as a secondary thing, started to write it on the side. And I really am liking it. I think I’ll have to dedicate it to this author. But since he’s dead, he can’t sue me for plagiarism. This isn’t anyone I’ve ever known, and haven’t thought about in 15 years. So it was a very very strange experience. But I thought, “Well, the idea is good. Wherever it came from, I’m going to have to approach that.”

You can read the entire iO9 interview.

Odd Apocalypse novel by Dean Koontz

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