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A futuristic saga where China has taken over the world – Son of Heaven by David Wingrove

While some readers despair about the rising popularity of eBooks, one benefit of eBook publishing is breathing new life into old, out-of-print books and series.

One recent example is the recent publication of Son of Heaven by British author David Wingrove.

In the late 1980s-early 1990s, an eight-book science fiction series Chung Kuo posited a 22nd century when China has taken over the world. While popular, the books were never bestsellers, and Wingrove has said that he was rushed by publishing deadlines into writing the eight volume in the series vs. expanding the series by an additional novel as he had wanted to do.

Now, Chung Kuo is being reintroduced via eBooks and traditional books. And, Wingrove has written far more than an additional novel. Son of Heaven is a prequel to the series, and the “new” Chung Kuo series is going to be 20 books – the original eight books – and much, much more.

From Library Journal’s original review of Chung Kuo – The Middle Kingdom:

When a 600-page novel peopled by dozens of characters and complicated by complex layers of intrigue leaves one eager for more, then something very exciting has been created. Wingrove’s novel of the 22nd century, in which China rules the world’s 39 billion people, is an imaginative, fast-paced exploration of the future. As the Chinese ideals of harmony and order are challenged by the restive Europeans’ thirst for change and progress, a rift forms that points the world toward a devastating war. Neatly dovetailed story lines, well-paced plotting, and exotic, intriguing characters are definite pluses. This first novel premieres a planned series of seven. Highly recommended.

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