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Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed


From Saladin Ahmed, finalist for the Nebula and Campbell Awards, comes one of the year’s most anticipated fantasy debuts: THRONE OF THE CRESCENT MOON, a fantasy adventure with all the magic of The Arabian Nights.

The Crescent Moon Kingdoms, home to djenn and ghuls, holy warriors and heretics, are at the boiling point of a power struggle between the iron- fisted Khalif and the mysterious master thief known as the Falcon Prince. In the midst of this brewing rebellion a series of brutal supernatural murders strikes at the heart of the Kingdoms. It is up to a handful of heroes to learn the truth behind these killings.

Listen to a podcast interview with Saladin now.

From Publishers Weekly

“Ahmed’s debut masterfully paints a world both bright and terrible.”

–Publishers Weekly (starred review)

From Kirkus Reviews

“An arresting, sumptuous and thoroughly satisfying debut.”

–Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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Never miss another "to be read" book!

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