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Self-Portrait with Turtles: A Memoir



Self-Portrait With Turtles: A Memoir by David M. Carroll


Some people take years to figure out their passion. Luckily, David Carroll is not someone who took years to figure out his life’s calling. When he was eight years old, Carroll discovered turtles and his life’s passion – or obsession – began.

In Self-Portrait With Turtles: A Memoir, Carroll recounts his lifelong fascination and study of turtles. Regardless of your specific interest in turtles or nature, Carroll’s memoir is well-written and engaging.

In 2006, Carroll won a MacArthur “genius” award for his work as a writer, artist and naturalist.

Reviews of Self-Portrait With Turtles: A Memoir include:

Carroll has now been observing turtles for 50 years, and although he laments that their habitats are often lost to development, he continues to find them everywhere. In an especially touching final chapter, he tells of following one particular spotted turtle for 18 years and finally succeeding in observing her annual nesting ritual. Unlike his earlier book, The Year of the Turtle, this is not a natural history of turtles but rather a meditation on the author’s life as a naturalist and a paean to the intriguing creatures that lured him to that calling. Illus. by the author. — Publishers Weekly

In a wonderful blend of natural history, memoir, and drawings, the author leads us through his life and how it has been shaped by his love of nature and turtles. This beautifully illustrated memoir will be sought out by lovers of good nature writing. –Booklist

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