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Guilt By Association by Marcia Clark

Cover of Guilt By Association, legal thriller, by Marcia Clark


Marcia Clark will forever be remembered as the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial. However, she’s now receiving accolades for her first legal thriller – Guilt By Association.


Here are just a sampling of the early reviews of Clark’s first novel:


“You must read this book: it is wildly and complexly plotted, ebulliently witty and filled with riotous humor; it details the inner workings of the L.A. legal system with unprecedented accuracy and verve – and to top it off, it is a damn, damn, good thriller.” James Ellroy


“Marcia Clark’s debut novel showcases her experience and knowledge of the legal system. The pace, plot and dialogue are as sharp as they come in the genre. Her character of Rachel Knight bleeds real blood, sweat and tears on the page. Guilt by Association is a four-bagger for Clark and her many new fans will eagerly await her next step up to the plate.” David Baldacci


“Readers will want to see a lot more of Knight, who combines strength of character and compassion with all-too-human foibles.” Publishers Weekly


“There’s a new voice in L.A. crime fiction…. The debut novel from Marcia Clark (yes, that one) stars Rachel Knight, a sassy, workaholic deputy district attorney-remind you of anyone?-whose crack detective skills solve two violent cases…. the plot races along, and Clark adds just enough smart lawyer talk to keep us edified. It’s sure to satisfy Law & Order fans.” Los Angeles Magazine’s Wendy Witherspoon

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