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Emanata Levelling The Digital Playing Field For Independents

by Bryan Thomas Schmidt

At New York Comic Con, Digital Comic Book Reader rolled out a new store within its  iPad app, allowing independent creators to sell their own work. The move follows digital industry leader ComiXology’s recent announcement of its own plans to sell self-published work in its stores.

Churn Labs’ publishing platform, created by two former AdMob staffers, George Chen and Ehren Kret, Emanata’s first step was creating a solid app for readers to access visual storytelling and then to help independent and aspiring comic creators reach larger audience and distribution.

“We wanted to create something we would use ourselves,” Chen told VentureBeat in a recent interview. “In this case, we want Emanata to bring us all sort of unexpected new artists, and comics everyday.”

The app itself is free for those who register for a purchasing account (also free). The store, which launches immediately after login, reads like a continuous comic book page with each panel representing a different title. Clicking on a panel brings up the comic’s first three pages with a pricing notice popping up once readers attempt to access further pages. A smooth reader, the app lacks the ability to zoom in on individual panics but this poses no problems when panels are large to begin with.

Where as ComiXology focuses on mainstream comics and quality-screened independent work, Emanata is focused more on independents first.

Read more at or see Venture Beat‘s interview at For more on Emanata the company, go to:

Bryan Thomas Schmidt is an author and editor of adult and children’s science fiction, fantasy and humor books, short stories and articles. A frequent contributor to blogs like SFSignal, Adventures In SF Publishing, Grasping For The Wind and To Be Read, he also hosts Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer’s Chat under the hashtag #sffwrtcht on Twitter and blogs about writing and creativity on his own blog at Connect With Bryan On Google+

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